Dating, Dining, and Ducks:

Monitoring the recovery of campus lakes after dredging

A family of Canada geese

The lakes and ponds on campus are engrained in the culture and ecology of the Georgia Southern Statesboro campus. Recent vertebrate surveys by faculty and students from the Biology Department documented a surprising variety of fishes, amphibians, reptiles, and water-oriented birds that call these ponds home. However, these lakes have recently been drained and dredged to remove accumulated sediment, causing disturbance to the campus wildlife that is a large part of the value of these ponds. We propose to monitor pond recovery by involving graduate and undergraduate students to survey these ponds each month for 1 year. The results of these surveys will be shared widely in hopes of promoting an understanding of campus biodiversity, the ecology of these ponds, and the importance of sustainable activities.

© 2018 by Emily Kane and Christian Cox. Photos by Kane and Cox unless otherwise indicated.

This project is funded by the Student Sustainability Fee.

Student Sustainability Fees at Work!

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