© 2018 by Emily Kane and Christian Cox. Photos by Kane and Cox unless otherwise indicated.

This project is funded by the Student Sustainability Fee.

Student Sustainability Fees at Work!

Dr. Kane and students assessing fish biodiversity on South Campus (Photo: J. Urbina)

Interested in contributing to a survey?

Our monthly surveys will involve monitoring water quality parameters as well as netting and trapping techniques to temporarily capture  and record each species we find. We will also do perimeter walks and visual surveys to count birds and other animals that may be using the ponds. 

There are lots of ways to help, and not all of them mean you will get wet!


Interested in contributing? Fill out this form to let us know.

Can't help with a survey?

Download the iNaturalist app and post your own sightings to the Georgia Southern Biological Survey!​

Be sure to add a tag for 'Pond recovery' so we can count it for this project.

Look for instructions on our DATA page.

Have other ideas? Please let us know!

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